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…Bigger sales. Better sales. More sales. THAT is the result of implementing Todd’s strategies.”

workshop-bannerTodd Cohen’s Sales Culture Workshops are a cornerstone of Todd’s overall methodology to help companies “build a sales culture” and engage the entire organization to participate and be a part of the growth of the company! Highly acclaimed and sought after, these unique Sales Culture Workshops are very interactive, case study driven and FUN!

Todd’s Sales Culture Workshops are modular and customizable and range from 4 hours (“half day”) to one, two, and three day experiences. He has successfully brought them to such diverse organizations as Ernst and Young, LP, Subaru, Corning, Electronic Ink, United Way, and CDI Corporation just to name a few! Attendees include not only the sales organization but also representatives from the ENTIRE company – the non selling professional. Each participant is taught that they don’t have to drop what they are doing and go out and sell or as Todd teaches and believes, “don’t do anything different; think differently about what you are doing!”

 Todd’s Sales Culture Workshops include:

  • The Elements of a Sales Culture and how we ALL contribute
  • A Framework for Building a Sales Culture and HOW to make it live!
  • Understanding how we ALL sell everyday and how to make use if that to drive results and profitability!
  • Personal and Professional Selling Value Proposition
  • Creating and Leveraging your Virtual Sales Team
  • Developing your Relationship Portability index
  • The role of Presence and Relevancy in the Sales Process
  • Selling Yourself FIRST; Internally and Externally!
  • Networking Skills
  • Intuitive Curiosity

For more information on how Todd can bring his Sales Culture Workshops to your organization and help you improve results please call Todd directly at 1-866-515-9445 or fill out the Book Todd form and we will be in touch with you immediately.

“I attended the Greater Valley Forge HR Summit in October. Todd presented the topic HR and Sales – Perfect Together! Todd is a passionate, engaging, and highly dynamic speaker. His presentation was excellent and I was pleased to walk away with numerous actionable items. They key message from Todd that I walked away with from the presentation?…’Every conversation and connection is a ‘sales opportunity’…impress, motivate and inspire!’”

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